The Paisanos Band

The Paisanos were originally established in Templeton California in 2005; and have been on a musical journey through all the forests of style ever since!! There have been several formations of the band, including several changes in musicians and motifs (with a very special nod to Nancy Ross, a friend "forever" heaped in American folk and roots music thrown among a bunch of ragamuffin rock n' rollers, and loving every minute of it!).
And with each variation has come renewed energy and excitement! The current line up is no exception!! The Paisanos create music to make you dance, laugh and have fun; and it is music to make you love life! "Diversity" will always be the name of the band's genre; a mix of pop, alternative, classic rock n' roll, blues, jazz, grunge and country!! When the Paisanos are cooking, they use the whole pantry!! 

Here is an introduction to the current line-up:

Joe DiVincenzo, guitar and vocals
Joe began playing guitar at the age of 11 in Rochester, New York. He became a member of the Rick Michaels Band and Stryde, of Santa Barbara, California, in the 70’s. Formally, he received his education in music at San Francisco State University in the 1980’s, where he studied musical theory, composition and piano. He performed at many San Francisco Bay Area venues including The Torch Club in Sacramento, Blake's in Berkeley and The Surfwood in Calistoga. He moved to Templeton and formed The Paisanos Band in 2005. 

Rob Jones, lead singer & Vocals
Growing up in Santa Barbara, Rob participated in every church, boys club and school choir from third grade through high school, college and on into his adult life. In 1996 he moved to Modesto and sang with the Evergreen Country Band, playing at venues such as the Sagebrush Cantina, Tenaya Lodge, Fat Cat Music House and the Xclamation Festival. There was a solo CD recording and then back to the Central Coast, where Rob played with several bands before meeting Joe and The Paisanos. He started with the band in 2008, took a short two year break, and has come back better than ever! He claims he has some surprises to share during the upcoming stay tuned!


Mike Gruwell, bass

Playing on bass nearly every day of the week, Mikey is a very busy guy! The Paisanos are very lucky to have him in their band! For many years, he has been in the long standing popular band: Zzah; a matter of fact, Gruwell was a founding member! When things are really cooking, we all notice that Mike likes to dance with his instrument! Keep dancing, Mikey!!



James Wilcox, percussionist

Being Born in Chicago seems to be a recurring theme for most fine musicians, and Jim is no exception! He admits that his musical skills are genetic; both his parents were musicians. He loves drumming because he says it gives him a chance to work with the rest of the band and come up with "our own version of the songs". He says "the infinite possibilities are the challenge and the reward is performing; I play for the band and the audience, not for recognition"! Plus, anyone that gives a shout out to Wes Montgomery, in rehearsal, is just alright in my book!!

 Julia Cucinella, Vocals

Julia is a huge fan of country, blues and rock n' roll! Since a child, Julia has been caught singing and dancing with all kinds of music and musicians. She sang in school choirs at both Judkins and SLOHS. She also has been known to jump on stage with friends' bands; and one night she took the opportunity to jump on stage with the Paisanos! They are so lucky she has been there ever since!!